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Using CBPR and Health Informatics to Empower Communities

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Help prevent and work through any chronic illness or disease you may find yourself afflicted with through caring and guidance. We handle diseases such as HIV, STIs, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and more.

Illness Prevention
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We work with churches throughout the nearby counties to offer individuals an option for education on various subjects. This education includes the prevention of diseases, mathematics, coding, and more that people may be interested in.


YOUR Center's Mission

To provide barrier free client-centered services that assist, serve, and advocate for policies and programs that help reduce the spread of HIV and other health disparities, and to improve the quality of life in unique communities.

YOUR Center's Vision

A national organization, that provides technical and health education to impact health disparities and build healthier communities.
We will accomplish by leveraging health informatics and cybersecurity frameworks to:

1. Assisting residents to identify and prioritize wellness needs of their neighborhoods.

2. Promoting solutions to social issues unique to each neighborhood.

3. Engaging residents in defining, creating, implementing, and evaluating digital products/services that positive impact health outcomes.

4. Mobilize against health disparities while simultaneously preparing them for professional certifications.

5. Collaborate with faith-based organizations and other community organizations to their cyber infrastructure in a manner the assists in reducing health disparities.

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About Us

Formed in 1996 in Flint, MI, under the leadership of Bettina Campbell, LMSW, Executive Director, YOUR Center responded to a community-wide survey that identified gaps and barriers that have prevented Genesee County residents in transforming these communities to higher performing neighborhood, districts and cities.

YOUR Center began addressing some of the identified needs by becoming an authority in HIV/AIDS awareness and education. Moving forward, YOUR Center has been a pillar in the Flint and Genesee County area - assisting, serving, and advocating for area residents.

In 2006, Associate Executive Director, Terrance Campbell noticed the increasing technological gaps that community-based organizations (including faith-based institutions) faced as they attempted to build technical capacity in their agencies. These gaps were even broader in the educational arenas, as it relates to the technical competency needed to compete in the global economy.

In response, YOUR Center has expanded its scope employing STEAM in the form of Cybersecurity, Animation, and Health Informatics principles to develop, implement, and evaluate in-school, afterschool, weekend, and residential programs that building the capacity of adolescents (12 – 24) and older adults (50+) to mobilizing against STI/HIV and other chronic illnesses in Genesee County, Southeastern, Michigan, and beyond.


Marketing and Branding Services

  • Community Report Out/Project Update Sessions
  • Youth Conference Planning and Implementation
  • Interactive and Social Media Product Development
  • Website Design, Training, and Maintenance

Health and Human Services

  • HIV Counselling, Testing, and Referrals
  • STI/HIV Prevention and Awareness Capacity Building
  • STI/HIV Prevention and Awareness Workshops
  • Internships (High School and College)
  • Maternal and Infancy Health Advocacy

Community Economic Development Services

  • Needs Assessment/Asset Mapping
  • Curriculum/Program Development and Evaluation
  • Community Building/Social Media Workshops

Collaborative Partners


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Service Area
Genesee, Oakland, and Wayne Counties; Flint, MI